Getting Started

New clients often ask what to expect when working together. Some have never worked with a designer before, or some have and didn't love their experience. At Emily Finch Interior Design we format our business differently from most firms, and like to give as much information as possible up front so the client can be informed and we can both make sure it's a great fit! As a start, here are the fundamentals of how we work:


Emily has completed a wide range of projects for over 150 different clients. She strongly believes that design should be a collaborative process; our job is to help create a home that is perfectly suited to the individuals who live there. As such, we don't work within the limits of only one signature style, but instead strive to tastefully and intelligently interpret our clients' styles. 



Our business is formatted a little differently from most designers - instead of charging a 20-30% markup on top of retail, we share trade discounts with our clients, helping them stretch their budget further. This puts us on the same team with the same goal. Instead of our business being sales-driven, Emily can truly act as the expert consultant our clients are looking for, with their best interest at heart.



Emily has a background in real estate and is always thinking about return on investment, since our homes are often one of our largest assets. She advises our clients where it's wise to save, and where we'd be better off investing for the right solution. This helps us strike a balance between the emotional and practical aspects of interior design.



Our time is billed by the hour, in 15-minute increments, with a detailed time log that is sent out monthly.

The trade discounts that we share with our clients range from about 10-30%, and leave more room in their budget for design time and quality selections. Almost all product purchases are made by us on our client’s behalf, allowing us to manage every detail from payment to installation. Clients always have the option to purchase something independently if they prefer.



Step one of every project is a complimentary consultation to discuss the needs of the client and answer any questions they may have. In this meeting we establish the goals of the project and identify our timeline and priorities, outlining a clear and customized path forward. Emily then works with the clients to identify their personal style, produces suggested layouts and construction specs, and typically offers two or three unique design concepts for each space. She then works in tandem with the clients to handpick each appropriate item, and our team facilitates implementation and final details. Every project is unique, but our systematic approach ensures each one runs smoothly from start to finish.

Please contact us to set up your initial consult. We look forward to getting to know you and your home!

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