Safari Style

I finally saw Jurassic World this weekend and it gave me some serious adventure-envy. I’m pretty sure in a past life I was a dinosaur tamer or mountain trekker or safari guide… which would make sense since it’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a serious penchant for all things global-inspired and animal-print.

What I love most about the present-day design industry is the constant flow of new technologies and innovation, which means an equal flow of awesome new products and ideas. Lately I’ve been especially digging the “I can’t believe it’s not real” exotic-inspired vinyls on the market. I swear, you could hold this stuff in your hands and have no idea it’s not real croc or ostrich or python — and it’s incredibly durable, to boot!

A couple of those vinyls have snuck their way in below, where I share some of my favorite safari-inspired, wanderlust-inducing items for your global modern home.